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Review of the Massage Table Warmer

by:Artborne     2020-12-21

The benefit of the massage table warmer is that you can be able to get a complete body massage while lying down a heated pad. This warming sensation will then soothe and relax your entire body as therapy sessions can improve blood circulation and reduce muscle tensions. The following is a review of some of the available brands and models you can choose from which you can buy at online retail stores.
One of the most popular table warmers is the Samadhi Pro model from Earthlite as this features a luxurious fleece top that is one inch thick. This pad also comes with a digital LCD screen that lets you control the temperature according to your personal preferences. What makes this one most ideal is that it comes with an auto over heat protection mechanism and even has a one year warranty.
Another popular choice is the Master Massage table warmer as these are specifically designed to fit snuggly over most tables with its 72 by 26 inch dimensions. There are corner elastic straps available which prevent the pad from slipping off. This heated pad ensures distributed warmth which can easily be controlled via with adjustable settings.
The Oakworks warming pad allow you to program the temperature settings from 86 to 166 degrees Fahrenheit and can be programmed to shut off from 0 to 99 minutes. The one thick fleece pad ensures maximum comfort while you get your massage. These three models are popular choices and for good reason too as they come highly recommended by actual chiropractic practitioners.

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