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Different materials of Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Different materials of Deep Conditioning Heat Cap


Different materials of Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Our heated shower cap is reusable and saves time consuming visits to the salon. At the same time, there is no need to sit under a hooded dryer for long periods of time, you can do housework, watch a movie or almost anything else while conditioning your hair. We have different materials for you to choose.


1. Flaxseed - A natural crop, could be used to nourish hair

2. Clay bead - A  new material to use. It has a longer validity than flaxseed

3. Gel Bead - The Shining Pearl Cap contains hundreds of gel pearls. Gel Bead are a new technology in heat retaining. They have the ability to store and release heat evenly.

4. Sodium Acetate - This best heat cap for natural hair is Instant Click Heat one. It could heat instantly after clicking the metal disc. No need to heat in a microwave, so you could use it anywhere.

5. Gel - The heat allows ingredients to penetrate the hair follicles more efficiently, leaving your hair snug and soft.

Do deep conditioning caps work?

While the heated shower caps are fine for wearing during a deep conditioning treatment, this time frame might not work with your daily routine as a drying method. Potentially damaging to hair. There is no denying that heat can be drying and damaging to strands.

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