Xiamen Artborne Industrial Co.. Ltd. Is a gel pack manufacturer enterprise integrating custom hot cold pack production and sales.





Story of Xiamen Artborne

Ms. Ellen Yan has been engaged in international trade for more than 29 years. She is the developer of Artborne® multifunctional Click Instant Heat Packs, Gel Therapy Thermal Packs and Thermal Conditioning Hair Care Caps. She is also the founder of Xiamen Artborne Industrial Co., Ltd., holding many product patents.




In year 2000, after 2 years life as a full-time mother, she decided to return to work. She thought that these nine to five jobs are not suitable for her to take care of her family and development career.


At the end of the year, taking the opportunity of visiting relatives in the United States, she visited the International Houseware Fair in Chicago, USA. An inconspicuous product at the show attracted her. It was a kind of instant heat pack without electricity and hot water.  At the time, the company lacked product design, and there was few people interested in this product. However, relying on the female's keen perception of life, Ellen was immediately attracted by this magic heat pack, and thought of many designs that can use this product to improve people’s life.


After returning to China, she immediately established Xiamen Artborne Industry Co., Ltd., organized technical research and development, and designed the multifuntion click instant heat packs by herself. She soon registered product patents in China and led the team for more than 15 years.

Career and Family

On the way, Ellen often heard female friends talk about the pain of facing conflicts between career and family. And she felt that the most important thing along the way was not to forget the original intention, and to stick to it. At the time of starting, her idea was to take care of her family and make a career that she could do and love, so whether it was to choose a business or employment, choose a site on or off the Xiamen island, or choose a business trip or accompany her child at a critical moment of growth, she adheres to the principle of taking both into account within her abilities.


Ellen loves life, likes home gardening and food cooking. And because of her love, she has creative ideas that surprise her family in life. These close-to-life ideas are also the inspiration of her designs for different functions in life every year.

Facing the Market

Under her leadership, Artborne use the international quality management system ISO13485 standard to manage product development, design, and production. Ellen is very proud that the reusable click instant heat cold packs and hair care caps of Artborne make people’s life warmer and better. For more than 28 years, the Artborne’ s products have been sold to Europe, North America and all over the world, and have gained a very good reputation.


A US client with long term cooperation customized from Artborne the Magic Click Instant Heat Pack as a wedding gift to his guests. This customer started his small business from ordering 2,000PCS click instant heat packs from Artborne in his university hood. Five years later, he placed orders of 4 containers from Artborne annually. The success of his business made him decide to share his joy at his wedding.


"Please listen to your inner voice on the road while chasing your dreams." As an independent entrepreneur, Ms. Ellen Yan said with determination and pride.


We are looking forward to forming business relations with customers from all over the world.

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