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Wine Cooler Pack

The wine cooler pack is used for a single beer bottle and can be cooler cold pack to chill wine. Place the pad in the freezer for 1-2 hours prior to use, it can chill quickly, you can repeat the above step when you feel that the pack is no longer sufficiently cold. High-quality gel beads will allow cold temperature to spread evenly and help you use in any application. Such as high temperature operation, outdoor fishing, amusement park walking performers, truck drivers, courier, etc. Following are some cautions you should know. The cool/warm pad may only be prepared by an adult. Do not subject the pad of weight or pressure of more than 20kg. Avoid puncturing the pad with any sharp objects. Contents are not meant to be ingested. Seek immediate medical treatment if the contents are accidentally swallowed. Please watch pad closely while in the microwave. Do not overheat. Touch test before use to avoid burns. Do not heat in conventional oven, stove top, or toaster over. We are specialized manufacturer With more than 16 years experience in hot cold pad line, please feel easy to buy from us.

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