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Breast Therapy Pads

The best breast therapy pads are utilized to breastfeeding. These heat gel breast pads provide both warming and cooling therapy. It's easy to heat and cool, and can be put under the bra. Warming physical therapy helps stimulate milk production. Warm use to stimulate milk flow before feeding baby, lightly dampen the fabric cover, as moist heat gives an extra comfortable feel and helps eliminate; warming therapy can help loosen clogged milk ducts to make feeding easier. To warm the pads, please put the pad into hot water for a few minutes and give you relief for instant heat to temperature 50°C-57°C.

Cooling therapy soothes pain and discomfort associated with engorgement or weaning. Before you use it, keep in fridge or freezer; always use with fabric cover. To enjoy the benefits of cold therapy, place the pads in a refrigerator for about an hour before use. It can smooth relief for breasts pain, stiff uncomfortable and activate blood circulation, pain relief, muscle relaxation and etc.

The raw material of this breast gel pack is no toxic and environment friendly. While using it, no needs of power. We have FDA register and certificate of ROHS, EN71/part3, EU directive 2005/84EC. Gel hot cold therapy pads are safe for nursing moms and other women. You can clean up the pad in warm water with some mild soap. Do not take a brush or scourer or abrasive cleaning agent. You can clean up the cover by hand or in the washing machine at a low temperature.

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