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Click Heat Hand Warmer

The gel hand warmer can be used to lower patient's temperature for fever, alleviate inflammation, pains, strains and bruises, It also can storage transportation of biochemical agents, veterinary drugs, plasma, vaccines and aquaculture products. Before you use it, please place the pad in the freezer for 1-2 hours, wrap pad in a towel before placing onto affected area (e.g. forehead) to minimize shock due to the cold;

You can repeat the above step when you feel that the pad is no longer sufficiently cold. Place the pad into microwave oven (700W) for about 15-30 seconds (different heating time may be required for ovens of different wattage);Wrap pad in a towel before placing onto affected area (e.g. strained muscles) to avoid burns due to the heat; Repeat the above step when you feel that the pad has cooled and needs warming up. Be careful when removing the pad from the oven as it can be hot and may cause burns. It is advisable to wrap the pad in a light towel to avoid burns (cold or hot) before placing onto affected areas. Do not subject the pad to weights or pressures of more than 30 kg. Avoid puncturing the pad with any sharp objects. Contents are not meant to be ingested. Seek immediate medical treatment if the contents are accidentally swallowed. Please watch pad closely while in the microwave. Do Not Overheat. Risk of fire. Touch test before use to avoid burns. Do not heat in conventional oven, stove top, or toaster over. The cool/warm pad may only be prepared by an adult. 

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