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The following hair Care caps are our best-selling products. Treatment cap is a microwavable heat cap. It can be used for improving the results of deep conditioning treatments. Just place the treatment cap in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (microwaves vary) and it will produce up to 30-45 minutes of gentle heat. We use the highest quality waterproof and hypoallergenic materials in our treatment cap, simply spot clean with warm water and a mild soap and it’s ready for your next application. It works with all hair types. The materials can be gel, flaxseed or gel pearl. You can put the gel hair cap in refrigerator for around 2 hours and use as conditioning ice cap. It could help to tighten the hair cuticle, lock nutrition for the long term and make the hair soft and shiny. The size is 11.2"x11.2" or 10.8 inches (27.5CM).

 Another special one is click instant deep conditioning cap. It acts as a thermal conditioning cap for the hair pack, the heating pad will heat up to a temperature of around 54C°and start crystalize. You can place a metal disc between forefinger and thumb and press against to "click" metal disc to activate it. You can put the thermal hair cap in the refrigerator 1 hours before using. Let the Ice therapy element evenly applied to the hair, bring the cooling cap for 20 minutes of cold treatment, and finally wash the hair. With the Treatment Cap, it is possible to achieve salon-like results at the comfort of your home. Our hair cap is cordless, colorful and fashion design, easy to carry, clean and reusable.

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