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PCM Neck Cooling Tube for Hot Summer Day

PCM Neck Cooling Tube for Hot Summer Day


PCM Neck Cooling Tube for Hot Summer Day

1. Body Cooling Wrap wearable on neck. The technology designed comfortable and fit around the neck. 

2. No worry about skin necrosis by maintaining optimal cooling temperature. The cooling neck tube wrap will cool your neck at a comfortable temperature. It will not cause ice burns and will provide you with a wonderful cooling experience. Compared to water, it works faster. And it is lightweight.

3. Reusable repeatedly long time. Ergonomic design and Eco-friendly TPU material. 

4. Enjoy cooling time for around 40 minutes. The cooling neck wrap freezes faster than water and lasts longer thanks to the innovative high-tech phase change materials, effectively keeping you cool in the hot summer.

5. Easy to Use: To enjoy up to 90 minutes of refreshing coolness, simply place the neck ring in the fridge or freezer for 20-30 minutes. Take it out after freezing and place it around your neck. 

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