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2023 New Arrivals Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

2023 New Arrivals Deep Conditioning Heat Cap


2023 New Arrivals Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

We have launched some new printing patterns for deep conditioning heat caps, if you are interested in this product, please send an inquiry on our website, we will send the catalog for your reference.

Advantages of Deep Conditioning Cap

1. Artborne Thermal Hair Treatment Cap is microwave heat cap that improves the results of deep-conditioning treatment. It's possible to achieve salon-like results at the comfort in your home.

2. Quick and Easy Application: Lay cap in microwave evenly for 90-100 second until desired heat is achieved. No not exceed 2 minutes heating at one time. Flip cap every 30-35 seconds to heat evenly throughout cap. Please keep a close eye on your cap while heating. Heating times are approximate and will vary on your microwave. It will produce up 20-30 minutes of gentle heat. Reheat for longer treatments once cooled down.

3.Cordless Design: the cordless design means you can work, rest or move around the house whilst applying your hair treatment.

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