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Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad


Neck & Shoulder Heating Pads

Heating Pad provides simultaneous pain relief for your neck, back, shoulders and other injuried areas. Woth it's rectangle shape, this heating pad distributes relaxing, therapeutic heat directly to areas of stress and strain, soothing away the tension.

It aids in muscle relaxation, promotes enhanced circulation and blood flow to the injured area. Plus, the heating pad can help you to relax and feel good after a long day.

Material: Claybeads + flaxseed + millets              

Double-Side Fabric (Minky & Dutch Velvet): Two kinds of fabric are skin - friendly for everyone. One side made of Minky is ultra-soft to the skin, while the other side made of Dutch Velvet is silky with extra heat retention.

Flexibility: Comfort heating pads are large enough to address back strain, but also flexible enough for pain relief for neck, shoulders, joints and cramps. Helps relieve stiffness, knotted muscles, tightness, and inflammation.

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