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Something about reusable hot hands

Something about reusable hot hands


How hot does a reusable hot hands get?

The chemistry inside reusable hot hands is a safe and self-regulating reaction. The maximum internal temperature reaches 128-130F and typically 115-120F at the surface during normal use.

The temperatures that Artborne reusable hot hands operate at are considered to be non-burning when used as directed.

Fast Instant Heat in a Snap

Instant Robust heat reaches internal temperature of 120-130F.  Self-regulating. No waiting for the heat with Artborne.

What is inside a Artborne reusable hot hands and how does it work?

Reusable hand warmers and heating pads contain water, a small metal disc and sodium acetate, a safe food grade salt ingredient.

• When first boiled the mixture inside the pouch is heated to completely dissolve the sodium acetate in the water. This makes the contents clear and liquid.

• After cooling, the sodium acetate remains dissolved producing a solution that is supersaturated.

• This means that the heat energy that was required to dissolve the sodium acetate into the water still remains in the system even though the temperature has dropped. Almost like a Heat Battery!

• The clicking of a disk within the pad triggers the precipitation of the sodium acetate crystals. When the crystals precipitate, it releases the energy that was required to initially dissolve it and stored in the pouch.

• The release of energy raises the temperature to a maximum temperature of 130F (54C). The process is theoretically repeatable indefinitely. Artborne reusable hand warmers are a sodium acetate hand warmer.

How are Artborne reusable hand warmers reusable?

•Really simple. Artborne reusable hand warmers operate like a rechargeable heat battery. Once the heat has been exhausted, simply drop your Artborne reusable hand warmers wholesale or heat pad in gently boiling water for 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the product.

• The heat from the boiling water reverses the chemical reaction inside your Artborne reusable hand warmers. The crystals will return the liquid form, storing heat inside the product for later use.

• Once cooled to room temperature, Artborne reusable hand warmers are ready to used again.

The stored heat energy inside your Artborne reusable hand warmers does not decrease over time. 

How long does the heat last?

• Heat duration depends on the product's size, how the product is used, & how well the product is insulated during use. 

• We rate our heat times on the average expected use by our customers, so no inflated numbers here at Artborne.  Our larger Rectangles, Neck and  Shoulder products are rated at 2+ hours of heat. Our green Pocket Warmers at 50-60 minutes each and 30-40 minutes for our 4" Round Hand Warmers and Heart Hand Warmers.

• Since Artborne best reusable hand warmers are Reusable, extended heat times are achieved by having some extra ones in reserve!  

Can Artborne sodium acetate hand warmers be used in water?

• Yes, they can! We have many customers who use Artborne for scuba diving and snorkeling. Unlike the disposable kind that are typically sold in sporting goods stores Artborne will continue to work, even in the water!

Easily Reactivated in Boiling Water

The heat reverses the chemistry inside and stores the heat for later use. Use them today or a year from now.  The heat will still be ready for you.

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