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The Energy-Efficient Products - Hand Warmer

The Energy-Efficient Products - Hand Warmer


Easily Relieve Pain. Anytime, Anywhere!

Usage: Click the metal disc inside the hand warmer to release heat from safe sodium acetate solution without electricity. The heat pack changes from liquid to solid and reaches around 130 degrees in a few seconds after clicking, and get long-lasting heat for around 20-30 minutes(depends on the ambient temperature).

To Recharge: Place the magic heat pad in the boiling water with cloth below (Note: prevent the plastic bag from contacting the bottom of the pot) for about 5 minutes or until all the crystal is dissolved.

Shape: different shape(rectangle, square, round, oval, heart, fish etc.)

Size: different size, small or large. Our Non-toxic, Non-electricity hand warmers are available in wide range of size and shapes to provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping body warm when the temperature gets cold. Enjoying activities in the winter of outdoor sporting and entertainment events,fishing,camping & hiking,working in the garden,jogging or walking.

Multi-purpose hand warmer:  besides warming hands and body, the instand heating pack is also perfect to ease muscle and joint stiffness in the first aid. The instant heat helps to sooth and relax.

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