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The BEST Way To Deep Condition With Heat

The BEST Way To Deep Condition With Heat


If you have curly kinky black hair you know that finding great at home treatments is a must. Allowing heat to soak into your curly hair is essential for maintenance and growth. The great thing about it is I can deep condition without sitting under a dryer. This is perfect for busy moms, busy women, or anyone that wants to multitask while conditioning their natural hair.

One size fits all: This will work for ALL hair types but ESPECIALLY beneficial to those of us that have Low Porosity hair. We also have KIDS size caps and many other colors and patterns to choose from.

Easy to use: just 2 MINUTES in the microwave, and your all natural flaxseed hair cap will provide 30mins of heat therapy. Simply apply your hot oil or hair treatment, then your disposable steam cap, then your deep conditioning cap

hair care cap 1.jpg

Deep Shine and Moisture: smooths the cuticle, eliminates frizz, moisturizes the hair and infuses outstanding shine.

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