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Breast Soothing Gel Pad for Hot and Cold Breast Therapy

Breast Soothing Gel Pad for Hot and Cold Breast Therapy


What's the function of breast gel pad?

cold therapy is great for relieving engorgement, hot therapy helps relieve mastitis and encourages milk let-down while using a breast pump.

What's the material of the Breast Pad?

PVC+Gel Bead/Gel, according to customer's requirement

What's the package?

1pair breast pad + instruction + 1pair pouch/poly bag, customized color box is also workable.

How to Use?

Cold Therapy: Simply place the breast pad in the refrigerator.

Heat Therapy: Heat in microwave over medium or low heat for 2-3 minute.


Safe To Use: It is made of non-toxic gel, and there is a velvet cover on the outer layer, which is not irritating to the skin, please rest assured to use. PLEASE NOTE that when heating, do not heat the velvet cover together.

Multiple Uses: Breast pads can be used for breast distension, providing soothing cool or heat relief,reducing pain,blocked ducts and mastitis. It can also be used for hemorrhoids, swelling and pain, or to relieve redness and fever caused by trauma.

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