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Lip Ice Pack for Cosmetic

Lip Ice Pack for Cosmetic


Features of Lip Ice Pack:

Hot & cool pack is a soft, gel-filled pillow that chills in your freezer, ready to use for fast pain relief. 

It remains pliable and can be used on lips, making it ideal for minor bumps and bruises. 

Instructions of Lip Ice Pack:

Material: PVC+Gel

Cold use: Place in the fridge for approx. 60 minutes or in the freezer for approx.30 minutes.

Hot use: Place in hot(not boiling)water for approx, 20 minutes or in the microwave for a maximum of 15 seconds(800 W).

About Lip Ice Pack

Beautiful gift: with four colors, but there are gorgeous connotation, interior with shiny wafers, is the best choice of gifts, but also exquisite decorative accessories.Cold Use for Lip Keep Lipstick from Fading Gift for Girls, Heat Use for Makeup Remover. Lip shaped ice packs wholesale filled with cool soothing gel is a perfect health care promotion for hospitals, doctor's offices or health fairs.

Easy to use: small size, more suitable for small wounds, like normal ice pack into the refrigerator as cold storage for a while, you can come directly to cold, slight swelling, headache, fever, wound bleeding, childhood injuries, sports injuries can be used one is not enough, there are four, recycling, energy conservation and environmental protection, small and convenient.

Multi-function packet: Follow product also has a lovely pink packet, can be used to hold loose change, lipstick, keys, make your storage space more tidy. Four lip-shaped bags of hot and cold, with four colors, holiday weekend to send a small gift.

Intimate Products: packet can not only be used to store items, you can also wrap these packets of hot and cold bags used in the cold heat, making hot and cold products delivered more slowly, is not frostbite or burns, protection work, to avoid secondary injuries.

Excellent products: All products of Artborne have quality assurance. If you receive any products with quality problems after purchasing the products, we guarantee unconditional return for you. Providing you with quality after-sales service is the core of Artborne's work. 

Part of a range of Promotional Cold Packs from Artborne Promotions - these Lip Shaped Cool Packs are proving to be very popular and it's not hard to see why. Created in the classic 'lip shape', we offer a choice of colour for the gel we fill them with - Red, Pink, Clear, Blue, Black or Purple. Once filled with gel, these packs are still flexible when used straight from the fridge and can be used over and over again giving you a soothing and pleasurable sensation. Perfect for use in the health, cosmetic and beauty sectors and especially popular in dealing with the after-effect of injections and lip fillers. The branding always takes place onto the top surface as the rear is pre-printed with user instructions and a CE mark. Lips are individually polybagged. They look great when branded and remember, if your artwork fits - we'll print it on there for you.

How to apply the ice pack on the lips?

Prepare a cold compress wrapping some ice cubes in a thin cloth. Take a gentle compress using an ice pack over the swollen lips and leave for a few minutes. Do this remedy several times a day for fast and quicker relief from swollen lips.

How long should you ice your lip for?

Avoid applying ice cubes or ice packs directly to your injury because that might cause further irritation. Apply the ice pack with pressure for five to 10 minutes, then repeat until swelling and pain decreases.

What is a cold compress for lips?

A cold compress like a lip ice pack or frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel can do wonders for taking down the swelling. You can apply the cold compress to your lips for 10 – 15 minutes several times a day. The cold works to slow blood flow to the affected area, leading to reduced swelling and reduction of bruising.

Established in 1995, Xiamen Artborne Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of magic heat pads, cool pads, polyresin handicrafts, solar products with over 15 years of experiences. We are trying our best to assure you of strict quality control, competitive prices and in-time delivery.

We export our products to U.S., Canada, Europe, Mid East, South Africa, etc. For times, we gained the award of Excellent Supplier from our customers. From the year 2001, Xiamen Artborne Industrial Co., Ltd. developed high-tech products - magic heat pad which is used for physiotherapy. It is also a warming product in winter. The magic heat pad is safe and convenient to heat, no hot water, no electrics.

The gel ice packs are recycled and environmentally friendly products. OEM orders are welcome.If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more information. We are looking forward to forming business relations with customers from all over the world.

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