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How to Use ice packs?

How to Use ice packs?


Choose from our range of wholesale gel ice packs and Heat Packs. Custom printed heat packs make great hand warmers for the Winter months and are easy to re-use by immersing in hot water or microwaving  Reusable ice packs for sports injuries are a thougtful and promotional giveaway for reducing joint and soft tissue swelling on knees and ankles, Custom gel filled printed ice packs are popular with cosmetic and aesthetics clinics for reducing swelling post treatment, particularly following lip augmentation and other dermal facial fillers, Simply pop ithe custom ice pack n the freezer for a couple of hours for long lasting soothing relief from pain and inflammation. 

How to Use?

This gel eye compress pad can be used as hot and cold,while we suggest hot water or ice ,do not use the microwave as it is quite little products ,overheat may cause the leakage and get your skin hurt. Please following the instruction:

Hot Water Heating

Immerse pack in the hot water for approximately 10 minutes ,then apply to your eye to enjoy the relax.

Cold therapy

It can be frozen for a calming spa ,freezing in the fridge 30 minutes prior to use.

A versatile custom hot and cold packs with gel beads inside a see-through plastic bag, it is reusable and available in 3 colours. Our hot and cold packs are made from mixed and is available in transparent. 

Used as a cold compress or a hot pack, this wholesale gel ice packs can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer and is microwave safe for use following the complete instructions for care on the back of the pack. 

A cold compress applied before and after cosmetic procedures is a great way to reduce bruising, swelling and inflammation.

This resuable lip shaped ice pack is the perfect size to use after lip or cheek filler, just pop it in the freezer prior to your treatment and you are ready to go!

This lip shaped ice packs wholesale is an excellent way to associate your name with relief. When recipients suffer a minor injury, they'll have your giveaway on hand to reduce swelling and sooth pain. A great choice for hospitals, medical specialists, and health fairs. The smaller size is especially well suited to relieving eye injuries and other localized swelling. Your price includes a one-color imprint on one side. Multi-color imprints and second side imprinting are available for an added cost. 

Custom imprinted ice packs and logo ice gel packs are promotional handouts that will be appreciated by all of your clients. All of our printed cold packs and advertising heat packs are made of nontoxic materials and printed with nontoxic inks for added safety. Choose from cheap disposable lip ice packs or reusable promotional ice packs and freezer packs that can be customized with a four color logo.

Logo cold and hot gel packs are FDA approved and simple to use. Place them in the freezer or microwave for a short time and they will retain their temperature for up to 30 minutes. 

Our Service

1.All products can be customized for you by R&D Team . Our designer has focused on the field more than 15 years . They have strong sense of fashion and popular .

2. Focus on making customers enjoy our products at a reasonable price with good quality .

3. Full inspection of each products and provide inspection report . We accept third-party QC to inspect the bulk before delivery .

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