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Anti Wrinkles Lip ShapeGel Ice Mask Heat Cold Pack HCP151
Beauty & Personal Care
10x5.4 cm
Customized Logo
Red, pink, blue, yellow, orange,purple and so on.
Place of Origin:
Xiamen, China (Mainland)
Supply Ability:
500000 pieces
Packaging Details:
Colour box packing/poly bag packing / insert card packing / pvc box packimg for express Instant
Xiamen Port

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Product Advantage

Lip Ice Packs will help ease swelling, itching , bruising, and any other pain. Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 to 48 hours after you get lip or any other dermal fillers.Dry lips can cause lip lines to appear, skin peeling off, lipstick eclipse, and even oily lipstick can not make this situation change. The lip ice gel mask are soft, small, light and be easily touched to produce lip lines. The lip shaped ice packs can moisturize and soften, remove aging keratin, provide nutrition and brilliance to the lips, dilute the pigmentation of the lips.


Cold Use for Lip Keep Lipstick from Fading Gift for Girls, Heat Use for Makeup Remover. Lips-shaped cold pack filled with cool soothing gel is a perfect health care promotion for hospitals, doctor's offices or health fairs.Enjoy our lip cool pack.Contact Artborne.


Created in the classic 'lip shape ice pack', we offer a choice of colour for the gel we fill them with - Red, Pink, Clear, Blue, Black or Purple. Once filled with gel, these packs are still flexible when used straight from the fridge and can be used over and over again giving you a soothing and pleasurable sensation. Perfect for use in the health, cosmetic and beauty sectors and especially popular in dealing with the after-effect of injections and lip fillers. The lip shape gel ice pack branding always takes place onto the top surface as the rear is pre-printed with user instructions and a CE mark. Lips are individually polybagged. 

Instructions for Use


A. Cool Usage

● Place the lip shape ice pack in the freezer for 1-2 hours prior to using;Make sure the pack is laid on flat surface to ensure beads are arranged evenly. Apply directly to affected area.

● Wrap pad in a towel before placing onto affected area (e.g. forehead) to minimize shock due to the cold;

● Repeat Step 1 when you feel that the ice pack for lips is no longer sufficiently cold.

B. Hot Usage

● Wrap the lip shaped ice pack in moist paper towel. Place pack in microwave at intervals of 7 seconds, and no more than 30 seconds. Apply the pack directly to affected area.Place the pad into microwave oven (600W) for about 15 seconds (different heating time may be required for ovens of different wattage).

● Wrap pad in a towel before placing onto affected area (e.g. strained muscles) to avoid burns due to the heat.

● Repeat Step 1 when you feel that the lip shaped cold packs has cooled and needs warming up.

Information of lip ice packs

China lip shape cold pack is a soft, gel-filled pillow that chills in your freezer, ready to use for fast pain relief. 
It remains pliable and can be used on lips, making it ideal for minor bumps and bruises. 

REUSABLE GEL ICE PACKS - Gel packs can be used for soothing minor skin irritation after a cosmetic procedure.
MORE DURABLE - Thick medical grade plastic lining and strong seal prevents leaks or punctures.
HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS - Meets strict health and safety regulations. 
NATURAL & SAFE - The soft ice or heat packs for quick & easy relief. Flexible. Reusable. Non-toxic.



1. Be careful when removing the pad from the oven as it can be hot and may cause burns.

2. It is advisable to wrap the pad in a light towel to avoid burns (cold or hot) before placing onto affected areas.

3. Do not subject the pad to weights or pressures of more than 30 kg.

4. Avoid puncturing the pad with any sharp objects.

5. Contents are not meant to be ingested. Seek immediate medical treatment if the contents are accidentally swallowed.

6. Please watch pad closely while in the microwave. Do Not Overheat. Risk of fire. Touch test before use to avoid burns. Do not heat in conventional oven, stove top, or toaster over.

7. The cool/warm pad may only be prepared by an adult.

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