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Why Should You Choose Artborne Heat Pad

Why Should You Choose Artborne Heat Pad


Why Should You Choose Artborne Heat Pad

No one likes to have cold hands especially in freezing temperatures. To protect your fingers from getting frostbitten, reusable hand warmers are a must-have. Even if you have to venture outside for a few minutes, it's always good to have them ready.  Hand warmers are good to have indoors as well. You never know when your hands might suddenly get cold. 

What are reusable hand warmers?

There are many types of hand warmers, including the cheap, disposable variety that you throw away after one time use, as well as metallic models that require lighter fluid or a special type of reusable heart hand warmers fluid. Reusable hand warmers are very inexpensive and simple to use over and over again. These are gel-filled plastic that are available in many shapes, colours, and sizes. The heat is stored until the warmer is ready to use. When you snap or click the disc back and forth a few times, an exothermic crystallization process is triggered, and the gel becomes hot. Kneading the gel will help the heat spread through the pack more.

How Can They be Reused?

Reusable sodium acetate hand warmers usually come with the metal disc, water, and a safe, food-grade salt ingredient (sodium acetate). The crystallization process occurs inside of the gel. The heat energy required to dissolve the sodium acetate ingredient into water remains in the system even when the temperature drops, allowing the pack to be reheated and reused. Once it is cool, drop the bodycomfort hand warmer into boiling water again for five to ten minutes, depending on its size. It’s recommended that you wrap it up in a wash cloth during the reheating process. Also, don‘t allow it to contact the bottom of the pan, as it can become damaged. You will want to stir it constantly.   When they are ready for use, the crystals will be completely melted. If the pack begins to harden and cool more quickly than it should, the boiling time may need to be extended.

Why Consider Using Reusable Hand Warmers?

The benefits of using these reusable products are obvious: they are safe, inexpensive, and easy to use. You don’t have to spend money on fluid, or keep buying disposable warmers. The reheating process can be done over and over again. They can be used anywhere literally.  Another great thing about reusable gel hand warmers is that they can actually be used as ice packs or cooling pads. When it is in its liquid state, you can store the pack in the refrigerator, where it will even absorb the cold.

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