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What should know about Ice Pack Cooler

What should know about Ice Pack Cooler


Freeze time

How long wholesale ice pack takes to freeze and how long it stays frozen, are important factors to think about when shopping. Consider how frequently you plan to use yours and on what type of occasions you'll be using it.


While an ice pack’s primary job is to keep the items in your cooler cool, the amount of flexibility may determine how you use the packs. Hard sided packs are good for keeping the temperature down, but may not fit if you have awkwardly shaped items in your cooler or need lots of direct contact with items like drinks. Soft sided packs won't be as durable as those with hard plastic casing and could be punctured or burst as they melt.


Size is also something you should consider. Do you want big ice packs to cool a large cooler of food or smaller versions you can use for lunch boxes and other containers? Also, think about how much freezer space you have and how much of it you’re willing to give up to hold your ice packs. 

How do you make ice packs super cold?

To make sure that your lip shaped ice packs wholesale are super cold, be sure to follow package directions to freeze them completely before using. You can help keep them cold by chilling your ice cooler gel with ice before filling it, and lining the cooler with aluminum foil. Chilling or even freezing items that you plan to pack, such as bottled beverages, will help the inside of the cooler to stay cool and your bulk ice packs to stay frozen longer.

How long do ice packs keep a cooler cold?

It depends. Some customised ice packs freeze quickly for short-term uses such as wine cooler pack, picnics and in lunchboxes, while others take longer to freeze solid, but will keep the contents of your cooler chilled for more than 24 hours. Be sure to read the label before buying to make sure you are choosing the appropriate custom ice packs to meet your needs. Another tip for keeping your cooler cold is to pre-chill it with ice before packing, which will help the contents stay longer than if you packed a warm cooler pulled straight from a hot attic, car trunk, or garage.

How many ice packs do you need for a cooler?

That depends on the size of your gel ice pack bottle cooler and how much food and how many beverages you are trying to keep chilled.Promotional ice packs come in varying sizes and formats, from small enough to fit into a lunchbox to large enough for a cooler full of drinks and snacks to feed a crowd. In general, you will want to aim for a 2:1 ice to food or beverage ratio to ensure that your items will stay cold.

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