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The Advantages of Instant Heat Pad

The Advantages of Instant Heat Pad


The Advantages of Instant Heat Pad

Safe & Non-toxic Material

Our reusable hot cold pack contains sodium acetate & water and has a non-toxic and latex-free PVC casing.Safe for all ages.

Travel Friendly

A perfect traveling accessory for all your travels! Whether you plan to hit the gym, hike trails, camping, or anywhere outdoors- you can use our heating packs for emergency warming up or simply enjoy the soothing relief at work.

Reusable Therapy

Just apply our reusable heat pack to muscles for 15-20 minutes prior to physical exertion to maintain limber muscles and tendons. Use it where you experience pain up to 20 minutes for soothing release from tightness.

Easy to re-use

Boil the packs for around 5-10 min or until all crystals dissolved and the gel is clear again, let it cool to room temperature and it is ready to be activated again.

If you don't see all the crystals completely boiled out, just add a minute or two as needed.





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