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Why To Buy A Thermal heat Cap For Curls

Why To Buy A Thermal heat Cap For Curls


One of the key steps of the Curly Girl Method is to deep condition on a regular basis. This is to help moisture penetrate your hair.

So what is a thermal heat cap and how can it help your curls?

A thermal heat cap is a heated deep conditioning cap that opens up hair cuticles. This allows a deep conditioner product to penetrate the strands of your hair more easily. If you have spent years straightening, blow-drying, and using harsh cleansers such as shampoo, you can really cause a lot of damage to your hair.

open hair cuticle and closed hair cuticle shows how a hot head thermal cap can assist deep conditioner in repairing hair.

A thermal heat cap is therefore a great investment for any followers of the Curly Girl Method.

It is not only a better way to deep condition, but a thermal cap will help you reach your hair goals much faster.

It is one size and effectively helps heat and product penetrate the hair follicles. It’s made from durable material and can be used over and over again.

Benefits of Thermal Heat Caps:

Eco Friendly 

Reversible and Reusable 

Available in multiple colours

Easy to use

For all hair types and textures

Produces enough heat for a 20-45 minute treatment

No cords, No fuss – Freedom to move about while deep conditioning your hair

Let’s look at the benefits of a thermal heat cap in more detail:

1.Improved Deep Conditioning

Thermal heat caps are designed to work alongside your favorite deep conditioner in order to maximize its effect.

Each hair strand is protected by hair cuticles which form the outermost part of the hair shaft.

The cuticles become frayed or damaged when your hair is exposed to harsh chemicals. This can be from products such as hair dye, bleach or even shampoo.

Hair cuticles can also become damaged when you use excessive heat like hairdryers or hair straighteners.

In order to repair the damaged cuticles, we use deep conditioner which softens the cuticles and rebuilds the structure of each strand.

However, when using deep conditioner in the shower, the product is really only applied to the outer surface of hair strands as the cuticles only stay open for a short period of time.

This means that there is no difference if you apply the product for 3 minutes or 30 minutes. The product will simply not fully penetrate the hair.

With a thermal deep conditioning cap, however, you can open the cuticles for a significant period of time. This allows your deep conditioner to work its true magic.

2.Thermal Heat Caps Are Easy To Use

Using a thermal heat cap really couldn’t be simpler. The cap is eco-friendly, fully reversible, and made of 100% cotton.

The heating element is flaxseeds which are sewn into the cap and once heated, retain the heat for up to 45 minutes.

The cap is also cordless. You are therefore free to do whatever you want while the treatment is working. The cap is comfortable, soft, and easy to put on.

Do ensure that you use a plastic cap underneath the thermal heat cap to retain moisture and heat.

Place a protective plastic cap on your deep-conditioned hair

Put thermal heat cap into the microwave for 30-45 seconds on each side

Do not exceed 3 minutes in total

Place the heated cap on your head, on top of the plastic cap

Ensure to tuck in any hairs

The thermal deep conditioning cap comes in a variety of colors and styles and will last you for many years.

As the cap contains no gel or fluids, it will never leak. It can then be used over and over again if given proper care.

3.Added Moisture

As you may know, the main cause of frizzy hair is lack of moisture.

Hair can feel straw-like and dry when your scalp doesn’t get enough hydration. This is where the thermal heat cap really comes in handy.

When used, the thermal heat cap releases hot steam into your hair follicles and scalp, opening up the cuticles and adding moisture to the base of your hair.

The combination of steam and a conditioning product acts as a hydrating elixir and rebuilds the very structure of your hair strands.

Moisture is essential for curls to form and the more you hydrate your hair, the shinier and bouncier your curls will be.

Besides deep conditioning, this is also why co-washing is such an important step of the Curly Girl Method, as you mix water and conditioner together to essentially drench your hair.

4.Improve Elasticity Of Curls

One of the easiest ways to identify healthy curls is to look at their elasticity. Elasticity is the hairs ability to return to its original form after tugging and pulling.

Extensive use of styling products, combs, hairbands, and heating appliances can affect your hair’s elasticity and cause breakage and even losing your curl patterns.

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