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The best little gift ever - lip shape ice gel pack

The best little gift ever - lip shape ice gel pack


The best little gift ever - lip shape ice gel pack

Why ICE?

Lip blush comes with its pros and cons. Swelling is one of the first stages of the healing process, because everyone is different some people may obtain more than others. This may happen during the procedure , after or throughout.

DONT’ WORRY ITS NORMAL. Our Ice Gel Packs will work as the perfect aftercare to help reduce the swelling. The cold from the pack will also act as a pain relief because the cold constricts blood vessels, which as a result will decrease circulation in that area. This is a super, lips will feel less sensitive and numb.


Suitable for Postoperative Recovery - This product can effectively relieve lip swelling caused by lip augmentation surgery. Use according to the instructions can help postoperative recovery and relieve pain.

Easy to Use - If you need a cold compress, put the product in the refrigerator and freeze for about 20 minutes. Put the compress in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. Please make sure the temperature is suitable before use to avoid frostbite or burns.

Safe Non-Toxic - Double seal to prevent leakage.The cold cure pack is filled with non-toxic gels that are safe for all ages. 

Beautiful and Eco-friendly - This product contains various colors, which has a certain aesthetics while ensuring that the product is convenient and safe to use. Reuse for many times is very environmentally friendly and affordable.

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