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Lip Ice Gel Pack

Lip Ice Gel Pack


Lip Shape Ice Gel Pack

Do you often experience dry, cracking and bleeding lips? You might not be taking good care of it. Remember that the skin needs proper care or the painful damages will plague it. Lips have one of the most sensitive skins all over the body. Artborne Lip Ice Pack is a good solution to deal with it.

Advantages: 1. Dual Use Hot and Cold Packs - Lip shaped ice packs wholesale are really handy in the home, can be used for lip injuries

                    2. Creates Full-Lip Appearance

                     3. Smooth Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Creases

                     4. Hydrates & Softens

                     5. Firms Skin Around Lip Area

                     6. Treats Dry & Chapped Lips

INSTRUCTION: 1. Use every night and day when needed.

                              2. Ice compress and hot compress for 10 minutes each day.           

Kindly reminders: 

1) Be careful when removing the pad from the oven as it can be hot and may cause burns.

2) It is advisable to wrap the pad in a light towel to avoid burns (cold or hot) before placing onto affected areas.

3) Do not subject the pad to weights or pressures of more than 10 kg.

4) Avoid puncturing the pad with any sharp objects.

5) Contents are not meant to be ingested. Seek immediate medical treatment if the contents are accidentally swallowed.

6) Please watch lip ice pack wholesale closely while in the microwave. Do Not Overheat. Risk of fire. Touch test before use to avoid burns. Do not heat in conventional oven, stove top, or toaster over.

7) The cool/warm pad may only be prepared by an adult.

  • Model Number
  • Shape
    Lip Shape
  • Colors
    Blue, red, clear, pink, yellow, green, 
  • OEM
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Packaging
  • Other Shapes
    Rectangle, oval, heart, square
  • Function
    Lip Care
  • Validity
    1 Year
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