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Instant Click Heat Pads

Instant Click Heat Pads


Instant Click Heat Pads


1. From sore muscles and menstrual cramps to arthritis and stiff joints, pain sufferers know that any long-lasting discomfort can put your life on hold. Massages are a great way to achieve relief.

2. Ease discomfort and enjoy in-home relief with Reusable Heat Packs. Easy to use and fast-acting, each pack contains an internal disc for activation. Just snap it and apply the pad to your problem area. Reaching temperatures up to 129F (53C), it effectively stimulates oxygen flow to the muscle for instant pain relief and relaxing comfort.

3. Compact and portable, you can use our packs just about anywhere! Take them outdoors for a bit of extra warmth, or bring them to the office and ease chronic pain while you work. 

How to Use

Magic Heat Pads safely creates instant heat up to approx.129℉ when activated. It can be reused more than one hundred times and can be used indoors or outdoors for soothing muscle aches, back aches,cramps, arthritis pain, tendinitis and for warming hands in the winter.

To Activate: Place the metal piece between forefinger and thumb, press until it clicks to start crystallization. When the crystallization is completed, squeeze the heat pad to make it soft and ready to use.

To Recharge: Place the heat pad in boiling water with cloth below (Note: prevent the plastic bag from contacting the bottom of the pot) for about 5 minutes or until all the crystal is dissolved and clear again. You can then place it in an ice bath just let it cool in room temperature.Then, it is ready to use again.

1.Do not heat the Hand Warmers in microwave.
2.Do not leave it unattached while boiling & do not let the pot boil dry.
3.Do not use it when it is punctured of damaged
4.Do not place it near any edge or anything sharp.
5.Keep away from children and pets.

6.Do not eat.

Customer's Feedback

Order the Instant Click Heat Pad on March, we will send you a special gift. 

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