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Hot Cold Ice Gel Packs

Hot Cold Ice Gel Packs

Hot Cold Ice Gel Packs

For hot and Cold Therapy - This fancy reusablegel ice pack is ideal to heal almost any are of your body with thermotherapy or cryotherapy, guarantee pain relief.

Fast Relief, Anytime and  Anywhere - This gel pack procides  pain relief and healing therapy for sprains, strains, cramps, swelling and some injuries.

Comfort & Softness - The attractive, comfprtable and soft gel pack will help you heal the painful area.


Why is it so comfortable? What makes it so special?

Well, this gel is dense, which allows  it to hold  this temperature for a long time, and also flexible, soft so it conforms to the body area.


Cold Therapy

1) Place the pad in the freezer for 1-2 hours prior to using;

2) Wrap the pad in a towel before placing onto affected area (e.g. forehead) to minimize shock due to the cold;

3) Repeat Step 1 when you feel that the pad is no longer sufficiently cold.

Hot Therapy

1) Warm the pad by placing it in the microwave oven(600W) for about 5-6 seconds (different heating time maybe required for ovens of different wattage);

2) Wrap pad in a towel before placing onto affected area (e.g. strained muscles) to avoid burns due to the heat;

3) Repeat Step 1 when you feel that the pad has cooled and needs warming up.


1) The cool/ warm pad may only be prepared by an adult.

2) Be careful when removing the pad from the oven as it can be hot and may cause burns.

3) It is advisable to wrap the pad in a light towel to avoid burns(cold or hot) before placing onto affected area.

4) Do not place the pad to weights or pressures of more than 20kgs.

5) Avoid puncturing the pad with any sharp objects.

6) Contents are not meant to be ingested. Seek immediate medical treatment if the contents are accidentally swallowed.

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