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The Heating Pad - An Old Remedy That Works

by:Artborne     2020-12-11
In day of old, people would fill up a bottle with hot water and apply it to their painful back and that old remedy still works. At least, today, we have the electric heating pad which is much easier to apply and it works wonders for a painful back. Ironically, most people don't know why the application of heat relieves a painful back.
Before we get any further into this method let me make one note of caution. When you first receive an injury, you should never apply heat to the affected area. In fact, you should apply a cold-pack. Heat applied to a new injury will engorge the area with blood and as a result, prolong the suffering as it will actually inflame the area even more.
However, after a couple of days, heat can help reduce the pain and actually speed up healing.
The heating pad speeds healing for the very reason that you do not apply it to a fresh injury. It increases blood flow to the affected area and at this point will help reduce the inflammation.
Of course, the main reason that we use heat is to reduce pain and most people do not understand how the application of heat reduces pain. It might surprise you to know that the nerve ending in our body are not very sensitive to pain. The nerves are actually more sensitive to changes in heat and this is how we get pain relief from the application of heat. Since the nerves are more sensitive to heat, the application of heat actually acts as a nerve block. Effectively, the heat signals that the nerve receives are stronger than the pain signals and are blocked by that old-fashioned heating pad.
So next time your back is in pain, rather than applying some nasty smelling cream, just dig out the old heating pad and enjoy a few pain free moments.
One final note of caution-don't fall asleep with the heating pad on as it can cause some severe burns.
As I suffer from a severely impinged nerve in my lower back, the heating pad has become my very best friend. This is one old-fashioned remedy that you should always keep close at hand.

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