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Shoulder Pain Relief With No Hassles!

by:Artborne     2020-12-07
Avoid Pain Medication for Shoulder Pain
Inflammation of shoulder tendons (shoulder tendonitis) is mainly caused by overuse of the tendons and ageing. As one gets older, tendons lose their elasticity so simple tasks such as raising your arms, throwing a ball, and putting on your clothes becomes difficult if not painful.
Some people take anti-inflammatory pain medication for their shoulder pain. A wide variety of pain medicine is available over the counter but taking these painkillers on a long-term basis can be addictive with negative side effects.
Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Shoulder Pain, But... Massage helps to reduce pain in the shoulder, but the majority of people do not have enough time and/or money to go for massages on a regular basis. Also, massage therapy is not covered under medical insurance. Another way is to purchase a portable massager. A massager machine is only a one-time purchase and most of this machines will last forever. With the current modern technology this machines hardly break down.
People suffering from shoulder pain want a practical and affordable solution that can be used anytime at home or the office. They want immediate relief. Making an appointment with a therapist takes time and too much hassle. Not to mention that you might end up in the traffic jam driving to your therapist, while you are still suffering from the pain in your shoulder.
Infrared Shoulder Heating Pad Relieves Pain
There is Shoulder Heating Pad with a U-shape that fits perfectly around your neck to rest on your shoulders. It contains special fine-grained silt and clay that heats up when you place it in the microwave for a few minutes. When the pad is heated, it emits far infrared heat (FIR), which is the safe part of the light spectrum. FIR heat is harmless and penetrates deep into the skin. Far infrared can help enhanced the recovering process of the human body.
Shoulder Heating Pad Can Get Rid of Shoulder Pain
It's a well-known fact that heat relieves pain. The heating pad is a practical way to warm up your body and will assist you in managing and relieving shoulder pain. FIR heat from the infrared pad increases circulation, relaxes sore muscles, and decreases stiffness in the shoulders.

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