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Reusable Hand Warmers: Sanyo Vs Sunpentown

by:Artborne     2020-12-10
When it comes to reusable hand warmers there are two companies that dominate the industry: Sanyo and Sunpentown. I had an opportunity to test hand warmers from both companies. The following is a summary of my findings.
Sunpentown (SPT) has the most expensive product at $46, but they have a battery that lasts twice as long. Sanyo's battery can last four hours, whereas SPT's battery can last 10 hours. In addition, Sanyo claims their battery can be recharged 100 times, which starkly contrasts to SPT's claim of 500 recharges. If you don't mind paying more for longevity, then Sunpentown might have the product you're looking for.
The analysis does not end there. Sanyo and Sunpentown both have one-sided hand warmers that look almost identical, so there is no need to compare the look and feel of those models. However, Sanyo has a two-sided hand warmer that really stands out. The two-sided felt much more comfortable in my hands. It's as if the two-sided model was actually designed to be a warmer for the hands. In other words, it felt like it was meant to be held in the hand. The one-sided models should be called pocket warmers instead of hand warmers because they are rather awkward to hold in the hands, but work just fine in a pocket. It also makes more sense to use a two-sided warmer for the hands because a one-sided model only warms the palm and not the fingers. I did notice a big difference when the warmers were placed directly on the skin versus a cloth. Having a hand warmer wrapped in a cloth is less effective. I also noticed that the warmers are less effective when exposed to cold wind (sheltering the device from wind keeps the heat from dissipating).
The last part of analysis concerns replacement parts. Sanyo doesn't offer replacement batteries, but Sunpentown does. The lack of replacement batteries is only a problem for the one-sided warmer offered by Sanyo. Once the battery for this model dies, the whole unit has to be replaced. The lack of replacement parts isn't a problem for the two-sided warmer because it uses standard AA rechargeable batteries. In conclusion, I would use the Sunpentown model if many hours of continuous use is the biggest concern, but I would go with the Sanyo two-sided if comfort is the biggest concern. Hopefully in the future the two companies will compete to design a model that has many hours of continuous use and proper fitting for the hands.

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