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Portable Hand Warmers: A Hunter's Perspective

by:Artborne     2020-11-30
People with similar backgrounds are probably likely to have similar experiences with portable hand warmers, whereas people from different backgrounds probably have less similar experiences. I bring to my readers people of various backgrounds who use portable hand warmers. This gives the reader a broader understanding of its utility. I stumbled upon a hunter one day and asked him a few questions about his experience with portable hand warmers. The following is our question and answer session.
Q: I heard that you recently purchased and used a battery-operated (reusable) hand warmer. Can you describe this experience? A: Yes, I recently purchased one and found it to be very good. The reason I found it to be very good was the fact that it had variable temperatures, a hot and a more mild. That allowed me to set it at a controllable temperature, wrap it in a cloth, and place it across the back of my neck. No longer was my neck exposed to the strong, cold wind. I wouldn't be able to do that with an iron-oxide (disposable) hand warmer because those require oxygen to operate, and wrapping one in a cloth would cut off needed oxygen.
Q: It sounds to me that you've used disposables in the past. What was your experience with those? A: I used disposables in the past because that was all that was available. As I mentioned earlier, they couldn't be encased in anything because that would cut off the oxygen needed for them to work. There is also the issue of altitude. As one increases altitude, the air becomes thinner, and the iron-oxide becomes less effective. Lastly, the temperature is less controlled with iron-oxide hand warmers. Their effect steadily decreases over time, whereas the battery-operated ones have a pretty constant temperature until the battery gets low.
Q: Do you think there is ever a time when disposables are preferable over reusables? A: The only time it would be preferable is if you stuff it in something that requires flexibility, like a glove. You see, battery-operated ones are rigid and inflexible, and wouldn't work in something like a glove. Plus, a glove doesn't completely cut off the oxygen needed for the iron-oxide variety.

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