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Pocket Hand Warmers - Choosing the Best Kind

by:Artborne     2020-11-22
The first months of the year are always the coldest, and with the Winter Olympics happening this season, everyone somehow seems encouraged to go outdoors and engage in fun snow sports. Or perhaps your job requires you to be out and about on the street even on a frigid morning. Whatever your reason is for being outside this season, it is definitely cold - and when it is cold out there, your hands suffer a lot.
Fortunately pocket hand warmers are around to help alleviate the pain that extreme cold gives to your hands. Exposing the hands to high temperatures can lead to dangerous frostbite cases. A handy warmer in your pocket will help return your hand's temperature to an ideal level, since you cannot wrap it up in layers like the rest of your body. There are several types of pocket hand warmers available in the market - your choice will be dependent on the type of activity you will be doing, and how long you shall be staying outside:
Gel Hand Warmers
Gel warmers are gel-filled plastic pockets which resemble the larger gel warmers that are used in hospitals. To use, the gel is first boiled at home. This melts the crystal and turns it into liquid. When a metal button is pushed on the packet, the gel hardens and crystallizes while giving off the heat.
Gel warmers are commendable because they are very affordable and safe, even for children. But they need to be prepped before going out, and the heat they give off lasts for a shorter time compared to other warmers.
Disposable Chemical Hand Warmers
These are the most convenient kinds of hand warmers - they are disposable and very affordable. To work, the packet is simply torn open to release the heat. One packet of chemical warmers can last for hours inside your coat. However, it takes up to about 20 minutes to warm up. This kind of warmer is ideal for one-time trips or activities.
Battery Powered Hand Warmers
Battery powered pocket warmers will definitely have an unlimited warming life - as long as there is a supply of batteries. Some models require AA batteries while some already come with rechargeable lithium batteries, and some models are rechargeable like cell phones and laptops. These kinds of warmers are compact and can be switched on and off. The warm-time may last from two to three hours only.
Lighter Fluid Hand Warmers
These kinds of pocket hand warmers resemble large cigarette lighters, and also need fuel, but they do not flame up. Instead, the metal casing warms up for up to twenty hours, on just a very small amount of lighter fluid. Sometimes these kinds of warmers get too hot for comfort, so a protective clothing bag might be needed. But the warmth from these kinds of warmers really last longer compared to other kinds.

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