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My Hands Are Always Cold!

by:Artborne     2020-11-26
Sitting at the computer and trying to use the computer mouse and keyboard with cold, frozen fingers and hands is painful.  I've tried running my cold hands under hot water, and as soon as I start working again, the cold hands return.  I tried wearing a long sleeve cashmere sweater and pulling the sleeves over my hand, and the sleeves gradually creep up to expose my hand.  I even tried fingerless gloves, but I lost touch, and the computer mouse wouldn't work properly.  Seems like I've tried everything to keep my hands warm when using the computer, and the only thing that actually works is to stop using the computer, and sometimes (most of the time) that's not an option.
Recently, a friend introduced me to USB hand warmers.  These are heated computer gadgets designed specifically for people who have cold hands when using the computer.  The heated gadgets are made with a carbon fiber heating element making them produce infrared heat when plugged into the USB port of the computer.  What a novel, innovative idea and cold hand problem solver!
The USB hand warmers include a heated computer mouse, a heated mouse pad, a heated keyboard pad and a heated mouse hand warmer blanket pouch.  They are remarkable.  Not only do they provide a cost-effective, energy-efficient source of warmth, they provide deep healing therapeutic infrared heat.  Studies show 20-30 minutes of infrared heat daily can help certain hand conditions like poor circulation, arthritis pain and cold hand pain.  The infrared heated hand warmers are plug and play.  No additional software is needed to add warmth to a cold office or work area.  It sure sounds better than cranking up the thermostat on a cold winter's night.
If your hands get cold when using the computer, and your fingers get so numb it's difficult to type, search Google for 'infrared heated USB hand warmers.'  Learn about the benefits of using infrared heat.  The warm computer mouse provides soothing relief to stressed and strained muscles.  Infrared heat relieves tension, and the warm keyboard pad is designed with proper ergonomic support for typing.
There are a variety of USB hand warmer options.  Select the best option to solve your cold hand problem.  It's easy to use the computer when your work area is comfortable and warm.

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