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Lower Back Pain Treatment Without Pills

by:Artborne     2020-12-04
Chronic back pain sufferers often take pain medication for relief but long term use of pain killers can be addictive and in some cases the body becomes immune to pain killers.
Most people will experience pain in their lower back during their lives from work, play, aging, or disease. For most people, back pain is temporary and can be relieved by medication, rest, and regular exercise. However, for some pain sufferers taking pills might be the only solution.
Infrared Heat Therapy For Back Pain Relief
Fortunately, there are alternative solutions for back pain relief. First step is to get a good back support for the chair. Second, is to get an infrared product. It is well known that infrared heat therapy can help relieve pain.
Infrared is the electromagnetic radiation and has longer rays than visible light. Infrared rays are not visible to the human eyes, but the human body can feel the heat immediately. This works the same with an infrared sauna. When you step inside an infrared sauna, you will not feel the steam or any red lights at all, but the sweating starts within minutes.
The infrared heat from the infrared pad passes through the skin and muscles, all the way to joints, bones, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. The infrared heat from the pad warms the muscles, causing them to relax and relieve tension.
Heating Pad - Microwave Vs. Electrical
A simple way to get heat therapy is by using an infrared heating pad. You can place the heating pad around your back, so the infrared rays can penetrate deep into the back muscles.
Why is Microwave heating wrap a better choice?
Heating pads that require electricity are not practical and can be dangerous if the pad overheats. With an electrical heated pad, you cannot walk around your room. Some electrical pad has a short wire, so you have to sit in your chair all day long, which may cause more back pain.
With a microwave-heating wrap you walk around your room or even step outside your home for a walk. Some microwave heating pads can last for 3 hours after heating up in the microwave for only 3 minutes.
A lot of microwave heating pads can explode if they are heated for too long in the microwave. Choose a heated pad that uses a ceramic powder that will not explode even if it is overheated in the microwave.
You can even find a heating pad that comes with a belt. Just put the heating pack into the belt and wrap it around the back. These microwave-heating pads are very portable pad, because you can wear it while driving or walking around.
No more hassle with wires and danger or electricity. Heated pad with infrared heat is an effective way to help reduce back pain, so back pain sufferers can reduce taking pills.

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