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Infrared Heaters Are Healthy USB Hand Warmers

by:Artborne     2020-11-23
There are many reasons why a person's hands get cold when they are using the computer.  Maybe they have a medical condition with cold hand symptoms like Raynaud's Disease or Arthritis.  Maybe they have poor circulation problems to their extremities.  Or, maybe they simply have cold hands!  Whatever the reason for cold hands, there's an easy and healthy solution.
Infrared heaters are available in an USB design to plug into the computer and tap the computer's energy to provide warmth.  USB hand warmers are made with a carbon fiber heating element making them produce infrared heat.  Infrared heat is deep penetrating heat.  It travels through the skin's layers to the muscle tissue.  It's a healthy source of deep healing heat.
The most common types of USB hand warmers include the heated computer mouse, the heated mouse pad, the heated keyboard pad and a mini electric blanket for the mouse hand. The mouse hand warmer is a fleece blanket designed like a pouch to slip a mouse and mouse pad inside.  The bottom is made of a non-slip fabric to hold the mini electric infrared heating pad in place.  There's nothing more soothing than slipping a cold mouse hand into an infrared heated fleece hand warmer pouch.  
Many people suffer with a cold mouse hand with numb fingers.  It's difficult to use a computer mouse if the hand feels cold and numb.  The infrared heated, warm computer mouse generates  a steady flow of heat to the palm of the mouse hand.  The heat soothes aching muscles and relaxes tension in the hand.  A warm mouse also provides greater flexibility for stiff joints and cold fingers.
Keyboard hands are exposed to the air and drops in temperatures making it difficult to type.  When keyboard hands get cold, the use of an infrared heated computer keyboard pad helps provide a healthy source of heat for typists.  The ergonomic design of a keyboard pad should create proper height position of the hands over the keyboard.  The warmth on the keyboard pad provides heat for the wrists and hands.  
When a person uses the computer, creating a comfortable, healthy, ergonomic work space should be the goal.  Use the computer to work for you, not harm you.  With the increased use of the computer, there's also higher risk of computer-related hand injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD).  Using infrared heated computer products helps create a proactive approach to hand injury prevention.  Infrared heaters are the healthy way to use the computer.

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