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Heatmax Hot Hands Hand Warmers - Why You Should

by:Artborne     2020-11-29
Heatmax Hot Hands hand warmers are great for all those that need to keep their hands, fingers, feet, or toes warm. While camping, hunting, fishing or doing anything in cold weather; having these hand warming devices is a fast and easy way to stay warm. They help to make sure that your precious extremities stay warm and don't get cold or freeze up.
These Hot Hands come in different sizes and boxes. If you're planning a long trip with many people, it's a good idea to buy in bulk in order to save. Everyone will love you for it. This is especially true for the little ones as they get cold easily.
The Heatmax hand warmers are air-activated and will provide up to 10 hours of soothing warmth inside gloves, pockets or wherever you feel a chill. All Heatmax warmers are made of natural materials; including iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, and wood fiber. When exposed to air, these materials react together to produce heat through an extremely fast oxidation (or rusting) process. Users should allow 10 to 20 minutes for the warmers to reach their optimal temperatures.
One great tip is to fill a neck warmer with the hands warmers inside it to keep the neck and ears warm. This is a great technique to keep limber for using calls and shooting when hunting in the woods. But, these are not just for hunters. Sports athletes and those who train in the frigid morning hours or late at night can put these to good use as well.
Another great product from Heat Max are the pain patch products for tendonitis. Relieving aches and pains with heat is essential to feeling better quickly. Applying a heated pain patch before sleep has been said to help make hands more limber the next morning. And, for women, the heat from these products are great for cramps and pains related to the menstrual cycles.
These hand warmers are really a must have if you are ever outdoors for an extended period of time in the winter. Most are packaged in pairs with small sizes measuring 2.25 x 4 inches. They produce heat up to 130 degrees and are individually sealed in air-tight packages to guarantee a shelf life of six years. Hot hands are portable, odorless, disposable, safe, nontoxic, nonflammable, environmentally friendly, and contains all natural ingredients.
These portable warming pads are really popular for snow sports as well. From snow shoeing to snowboarding and skiing, people love putting the hand warming packs in their gloves, socks, pockets and anywhere else these heaters will fit. You'll have enough heat to last you all day on the slopes. So, if you're going to go outside for hunting, hiking or camping; it's a good idea to have a pack of these hand warmers with you just in case.

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