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Hand Warmers: Making Your Outdoor Experience More

by:Artborne     2020-12-02
Hand Warmers come in a packet of two, one for each hand, they are so simple to use. Just tear the packet open and you will see two sachets, take them out and just give them a shake. Do not tear or puncture the warmers. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes for the sachets to warm up, they will then become warm and toasty hot. As a tip open your hand warmers 30 minutes before you need to use them.
The sachet will stay warm for over 10 hours, so that's 10 hours of uninterrupted heat. Once your hand warmers have reached their optimum heat you can put them in your pocket, or place them in your glove. If they cool down take them out of your pocket and give them another shake, they will then warm up again.
At this point your probably wondering how these little sachets work, and giving of this much heat. Well they are air activated, all the non toxic ingredients react with the air and heat up, so by exposing the sachet to the air and shaking it you are reheating them. The average temperature should rise up to and above 135*F (57*C).
The benefits from using this type of hand warmer are
They are ready to use within 15-30 minutes
Air activated, no electrics or boiling.
All safe natural heat, with natural ingredients
Eco friendly, used hand warmers can be disposed of with the normal daily rubbish.
They are easily available to buy from online stores.
Hand warmers are widely used for all out door activities, they are great if your fishing, and they are a must for all skiers and snow borders. They are widely used by hikers and campers, because they last for over 10 hours you can have them in your gloves and pockets during the day. Then in the evening you can put them in your sleeping bag and get that extra hour or so of heat from them. If your playing golf you can put them in your mittens or pockets, and warm your hands in between shots.
So if you have never tried disposable hand warmers, and you play out-door sports or love the out doors they are a must. Imagine how better you would play or how more enjoyable they would make your day.
Depending on your needs you can buy them in different quantities, from as little as 5 packs or up to 120 packs at a time.

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