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Electric Hand Warmers

by:Artborne     2020-11-24
Hand warmers are often not very eco-friendly unless you buy reusable hand warmers you are going to waste a lot of material and continue to add to the world's landfills. But there is a simple solution that provides warmer hands, without chemicals and waste. The solution is electric hand warmers.
This type of warmer fits in between both of your hands, and provides warmth coming from both sides. A nice feature when you consider that with traditional hand warmers you need a separate one for each hand.
While you only get one varying heat from traditional hand warmers, the electric hand warmer has two separate functions making it a nice alternative. If you are only looking for a medium heat, you can select the lower of the two settings. While if it is freezing and you want the maximum heat possible, you just turn it to the highest setting. With up to three hours of warmth per recharge, this unit provides you comfort for as long as you might be in the cold outdoors.
Recharging couldn't be easier either. It can be done either through the traditional AC plug in, or via USB connected to your PC. The recharge time does vary, 4.5 hours about if you plug it into the wall, and 12 hours for a full charge if you use the USB option. But being able to plug it in at home at night, and use the USB option at the office gives you reliable use of your hand warmer over the course of the day.
Plus, an electric hand warmer is as easy matched to your style like any accessory. Coming in most any color option you can imagine. There are both masculine and feminine colors so a man or a woman could make full use of one of these units.
Another benefit to these units is you don't end up with the nasty chemical smells the disposable warmers use. Plus the harsh chemicals aren't pressed against your skin with the ability to seep into your pores. This is a healthier more eco-friendly design. Plus, the rechargeable batteries included also continue that idea instead of requiring you to replace single use batteries.
One cause for concern in these items is the heat transmitted to the batteries. There hasn't been enough research to determine if prolonged use will cause the batteries to explode in the high heat settings as they are still relatively new on the market. It would be recommended not using it for longer than the suggested periods of time as per the manufactures instructions.
For home use or on the go these units really are pleasing visually and with their heating. An electric hand warmer is certainly the option of the future, but right now they are considerably pricier than the traditional hand warmers. But as technology advances, the price on these units is certain to go down. But if you also take into consideration this has a lifetime of uses, in time it will pay for itself.

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