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Electric Hand Warmers - The Outdoorsman's Secret

by:Artborne     2020-11-25
It is difficult enough for us, human as we are, to go out into the cold without excessive amounts of protection from the elements. As we have nothing resembling the thick layers of fur, feathers and even blubber that allow most other animals to survive relatively well in the cold, we must rely on what protection we can place on our bodies in order to keep them warm: sweaters, coats and all. These layers, though, are sometimes painfully inefficient, and the thickest pairs of mittens can only do so much in keeping your hands warm while keeping them usable at the same time (as thicker gloves will impede the movement of your fingers, making them less effective during, say, outdoor work situations). There is, however, a little secret that only a handful knows about, a device that, though small, can go a long way in keeping you comfortable: electric hand warmers.
The concept behind these devices is simple, really: the electric component of electric hand warmers is in their ignition mechanisms, which trigger off a fuel that is similar to lighter fluid through a heating element, therefore generating heat in the process. There are also purely electric models of hand warmer, which rely on rechargeable batteries much more than the aforementioned ones. One thing they all have in common, though, is size: they are usually no larger than your average cigarette lighter, meaning that they can be easily held in one or both palms, or stored safely in your pocket, providing warmth all the while.
One need not worry about how long these devices can provide warmth, as a standard battery will provide several hundred hours' worth of comfortable heat, with the heating element lasting for several thousand hours before a replacement is needed. Such is the convenience provided by reusable hand warmers: providing long lasting, comfortable levels of heat at a consistent rate of release for hours on end. The purely electric based models will last for a long time as well before needing recharging.
The secret with electric hand warmers lies in the fact that they are not necessarily the most famous outdoor gadget out there: only a few outdoor specialty shops will carry stocks of these devices, and even then, stocks might be limited at that. This is perhaps the most prevalent reason behind the fact that not many people use such a literally handy device. This, though, must not be a deterrent: if anything, the lack of fame of these devices even makes them somewhat of a novelty among people who are not outdoorsmen.
Some final things to keep in mind before you purchase your own electric hand warmers: different hand warmer models will warm to different temperatures, and will have different battery lives as well. Choose those that feel good in your hands and your pocket (literally and cost speaking), and you shall have no trouble experiencing the comfort only these can provide.

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