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All You Need to Know About Puffy Eyes

by:Artborne     2020-12-19

Swollen or Puffy Eyes Symptoms:
* Swelling or puffiness of the lower and upper eyelids, normally in the morning. * Now and again accompanied by itchiness and/or redness. * Unable to close or open the eyes.
1. The Usual Causes of Puffed Eyes:
* Dehydration. If your body gets dehydrated, the water that is stored causes puffy eyes. * Diet. Consuming salty foods or drinking alcohol before going to bed at night. Alcohol causes puffy eyes, as it brings down the ADH (anti-diuretic hormones) in your body, but these levels will become normal, as well as the puffiness will lessen at approximately the same time the hangover subsides. * Not enough sleep. * Allergies. If redness and itching are also experienced along with your puffy eyes, an allergy may be the likely cause. Factors that can possibly contribute to this include linen fabric, feather pillows, face-creams, food, dust or pollen. * Aging. As you age, the elasticity in your skin begins to get loose, thus causing swollen eyes and gives you a tired look.
Doing Away With Tired and Puffy Eyes:
* When you awake in the morning, wear a mask filled with gel or cold water for a couple of minutes. * Wrap some ice in paper towels or napkins and put them on the eyelids for sometime. This cold pack will bring down the swelling. * Refrigerate your eye creams, as this cream when cooled will help to reduce your swollen eyes. To facilitate fluid drainage, simply use your ring finger to gently tap the cream while applying it on your eyelid. * In the refrigerator, keep two teaspoons, and if you get an attack of swollen eyelids, take the teaspoons and place them on the eyelids for just a minute or until they become warm. Another very good eye soothing products are ponds cucumber eye pads and the ponds eye gel pads.
Whatever you do don't wipe your puffy eyes against clothes such as a full hoodie as it might have residual laundry detergent which will only make your eyes worse.

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