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3 Reasons to Try Heating Pads For Back Pain

by:Artborne     2020-12-04
Back pain can be one of the most crippling conditions that we can suffer from, particularly in a chronic situation where the common surgical procedures may be of little help. Many people naturally turn to pain relief medication which can induce all sorts of problems on it's own, addiction and eventual immunity to the drug being the two most common issues tackled.
Finding relief from other kinds of treatments can be an important part of dealing with back pain and I'm here to tell you of three great reasons to give heating pads a go if your previous efforts of finding relief have proved fruitless.
1. Non-addictive and healthy to your body. Unlike so many of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are prescribed for back pain using a heat pad is never going to get you addicted to it! Neither are you ingesting substances that are going to play havoc with your stomach lining, your digestive system and generally make you feel like you've been hit with a ten pound hammer.
2. The effect on your body while using a heating pad is one of increased blood flow which aids in the removal of harmful toxins from your body. Unlike with traditional methods of treating pain like prescribing harmful drugs, a heating pad is actually very good for your circulation and as your muscles and tendons relax from the heat the body can go about it's way of healing naturally.
3. When using a infrared heat pad, although not visible to the human eye, the heat is almost instant and can penetrate as much as three inches in from the skin surface. This ensures that all the joints, tendons, ligaments and tissue in the affected area are warmed, the blood flow to these areas increases, the muscles relax and the healing process begins. Many chronic back pain sufferers, myself included, know of the soothing affect that a warm bath has on their pain but unfortunately we can't all carry a bath around with us! The next best thing is a infrared heating pad.
I'm sure all of us have heard about or used the common wheat pack that you throw in the microwave for a couple of minutes and apply to the area? While any heat treatment is better than none, what the humble heat pack fails to do is to penetrate the affected area as far as a infrared heating pad can go. So for real, lasting relief from back pain, muscles aches and pains and even abdominal pain a infrared heating pad is the only way to go.

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