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Keep Your Digits Alive With Hand and Foot Warmers!

by:Artborne     2020-12-21

Time to start buying coats and boots and fleece blankets. That's right, its July. This is the BEST time to buy Winter stuff! Well, technically May/June would be pretty good too since it is further from Fall, but regardless. I know for all of you going camping this summer you probably know the wonderful feeling of being outside. Especially since it is so rare to get sunshine like we have recently in the Seattle area. We are all hopeful the rays of the big bright ball in the sky lingers so we can stay in the great outdoors a bit longer. But it won't. Deal with it people. Winter happens.
But that doesn't mean you have to be trapped inside! There are still plenty of things to do outdoors in the greater Washington area in the winter time. As anyone knows, Cougar and Husky fans have football season to look forward to. Holiday shopping in downtown Seattle as we congregate in umbrella crowds from store to store. And, my mom's personally favorite: camping. She always hated the silly crowds of people that flock to campgrounds in the summer time in the RVs. She preferred the quiet. Which meant we preferred winter camping too, as children. There are a few sites still open into October and starting as early as March.
What is the most bearable way to endure the cold outdoors in the winter? Hand warmers, of course! We've all heard of them... they are like little soft packets that when opened and released to oxygen get all hot. So we stuff them into our pockets or our shoes, and we are Toasty toes, warding off frost bite like a tundra stalker. Sure, you could go to REI and stock up, but that would be silly expensive. Try the website below and find hand and foot warmers for a better price, and don't worry about anyone running out in the winter!

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