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Dog Crates: 4 Must-Have Accessories!

by:Artborne     2020-12-22

You've invested in a solid crate for your dog and he even likes it now! Your dogs' crate is a place he can call his own. Now you'll be interested to learn about these four accessories that are a must for any dog crate!
ProSelectA� Pet Crate Fan. The ProSelectA� Two-Speed Pet Crate Fan provides a refreshing airflow for pets wherever they travel, or while at home. Retractable arms allow the fan to be hung on a cage, crate or pet carrier. This Crate Fan features a built-in thermometer to measure ambient temperature, and a port to accommodate an AC/DC adapter. It's powered with four 'C' batteries so it's perfect for travel use!
ProSelectA� Solar Canopy. If you keep your dogs crate outside, you must have this ProSelectA� Solar Canopy to prevent overexposure to sun and heat while allowing your pet to enjoy the fresh air outdoors! These remarkably innovative, incredibly lightweight canopies are made of a highly reflective material that blocks intense sunlight and the special weave allows air to circulate through to keep your pet cool and comfortable. Black nylon edging features grommets for easy attachment to wire exercise pens, kennels, crates, RV canopies, trees, and more. This canopy blocks 70-80 percent of ultraviolet rays!
Cool Pet Pad. Believe it or not - this Cool Pet Pad is Waterless! The Cool Pet Pad is a revolutionary self-cooling pet cushion that cools without refrigeration, water or electricity! No maintenance, no mess. It automatically re-charges itself so you do absolutely nothing! No more hassle filling with water. No more leaks. Place on the floor, bed, crate, car or outside! The cooling effect will last up to 3-4 hours of constant use and will last for years. How cool is that? (Get one for yourself even!)
Self-Warming Crate Pad. The self-warming pad will capture your pet's body heat and radiate back the warmth to the source. The four corners are slit to allow the pad to fit many different edges. The adjustable size makes this pad fit into many different crates. The topside of the crate pad is made from soft, inviting micro fleece while the bottom has a 'stay pet' non-slip fabric to keep the pad from bunching up in the crate. Simply throw the whole pad in the wash for easy cleaning and care.
Whether your dogs' crate is indoors or out, these crate accessories will be sure to keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Please keep in mind your dogs health and safety during inclimate weather by purchasing one of these must-have accessories.

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